About Us

How We Got Started

Network Rotterdam B.V. – Trading Company with more than 20 years of experience in the seafood market. Specializing in the trade and distribution of fresh and frozen fish from FAO 34, The Gambia.

Network Rotterdam B.V. – is the exclusive distributor for Surf ‘N Turf, this brand provides in Atlantic Sole, Cuttle Fish, Octopus, White Grouper, Croaker, Red Snapper, White Shrimps, Black Tiger Shrimps, Rock Lobster, which we supply frozen & fresh meeting our client’s specifications and needs. With our main source based in The Gambia, FAO 34 we provide in wild caught artisanal sustainable seafood products. Which are produced, packed, and traded globally. With an annual volume of over 2500 metric tons, we deliver our products on FCL or LCL base worldwide.


Sustainable Fishing  – The fish we export is caught by local fishermen, who go out on sea with small pirogues and catch the fish by sustainable fishing methods. Using bottom-gill nets to catch the flatfish which causes minimum effects to environment, and pots and traps to catch lobster and cephalopods. With good stock management over the past years The Gambia has proven to be a good and sustainable source to provide you in high quality seafood products. The social-economic impact of retrieving our products from this sustainable source has made very big contribution to The Gambian economy and welfare of the fishermen, employees and all other business attached to it.

Robin van Eenennaam


Our Mission

The products we trade are mainly retrieved from sustainable sources, the use of artisanal fishermen catching the products we trade creates local employment, economic development in the region, development of skills and provide a sustainable healthy environment to the countries we work in. 

What we offer

Fresh Fish

All our seafood products are daily caught, handling the fish in ideal conditions from the moment of catch guarantees the freshness and high quality of our products. And makes it perfect to export the fish in fresh condition by the use of airfreight all over the world.

Our fresh fish department makes it possible to export fresh fish every day, within 24 hours from catch the fish is arriving at our clients. In particular White Groupers, Red Snappers, Sea bream, Red Mullet are send in fresh condition.

Frozen Fish

The seafood products which are not being exported in fresh condition are processed and packed in frozen condition (-20°C). The high quality of the daily caught fish is being preserved by our advanced freezing equipment.

The products are exported by the use of reefer containers and shipped out with the known shipping companies.


Our seafood products are distributed from Asia to the Middle-East and Africa itself beside those continents a large number of products are sold within the European market.

Products are available on pallets base (distributed from our cold store in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) or on FCL directly from origin.

Products are available in our standard brand, but can be produced under private labeling as well. With the exact specifications of our clients.

Want to know the possibitlies we can offer?

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